And the Spirit & the bride say, come.... Reveaaltion 22:17

And the Spirit & the bride say, come.... Reveaaltion 22:17
And the Spirit & the bride say, come...Revelation 22:17 - May We One Day Bow Down In The DUST At HIS FEET ...... {click on blog TITLE at top to refresh page}

Monday, September 25, 2017

73rd Psalm Breakdown Series: 8

They are corrupt, and speak wickedly concerning oppression: they speak loftily.
Psalm 73:8

"Verse 8. They are corrupt. They rot above ground; their heart and life are depraved. And speak wickedly concerning oppression. ... the nature of the soul
is revealed in the speech.

They choose oppression as their subject, and they not only defend it, but advocate it, glory in it, and would fain make it the general rule among all nations.

God forgive the wretches who thus talk. They speak loftily. Their high heads, like tall chimneys, vomit black smoke. Big talk streams from them, their language is colossal, their magniloquence ridiculous. They speak as from the judges' bench, and expect all the world to stand in awe of them."
Charles Spurgeon

Lesson of Dangerous Journey

O Lord,
I know that the way of man is not in himself:
it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps . Jeremiah 10:23
"The road through Knight's Canyon, always perilous to the inexperienced traveler, is often impassable in the rainy season.
[* ACCOUNT OF A JOURNEY FROM HEALDSBURG TO ST. HELENA, CALIFORNIA, MADE BY MRS. WHITE AND A FRIEND, IN DECEMBER, 1881. FRIENDS DROVE AHEAD TO GUIDE THEM THROUGH A DANGEROUS PASS.] We were very thankful for a pilot in this part of our journey. I dared not look either to the right or left to view the scenery, but, holding the lines firmly, and guiding my horse in the narrow passage, I followed our leader. Carelessness here would have been fatal. Had our horse turned out of the right path, we should have plunged down a steep precipice, into the ravine below. 
As we rode along in almost breathless silence, I could but think how forcibly this dangerous ride illustrates the Christian's experience.
We are making life's journey amid the perils of the last days. We need to watch carefully every step, and to be sure that we are following our great Leader.
and crime are on every hand.
It would be an easy matter to let go the reins of self-control, and plunge over the precipice to sure destruction.... 
Infinite Love has cast up a pathway upon which the ransomed of the Lord may pass from earth to heaven. That path is the Son of God. Heaven's glorious ladder is let down in every man's path, barring his way to vice and folly. He must trample upon a crucified Redeemer ere he can pass onward to a life of sin. Our heavenly Father's voice is calling us, Come up hither. . . . But He who is infinite in wisdom compels none to accept Heaven's most precious gift--compels none to walk in the path which has been cast up at such a cost.
Every one is permitted to choose for himself the narrow, shining steep that leads to heaven, or that broader and easier way which ends in death."
Our High Calling p.11 E.G.W. 

IN the NEWS - Green Nazis & Pope Clasping Hands

"In a Washington Times piece, the headline reads “Calls to punish skeptics rise with links to climate change, hurricanes.” The article goes on to state “Calls to punish global warming skepticism as a criminal offense have surged in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma… ‘Climate change denial should be a crime,’ declared the Sept. 1 headline in the Outline. Mark Hertsgaard argued in a Sept. 7 article in the Nation, titled ‘Climate Denialism Is Literally Killing Us,’ that ‘murder is
murder’ and ‘we should punish it as such.’ Brad Johnson, executive director of Climate Hawks Vote, posted last week on Twitter a set of ‘climate disaster response rules,’ the third of which was to ‘put officials who reject science in jail.’
From another source, Inside Science, the question is asked in the headline, “Will Hurricane Harvey launch a new kind of climate lawsuit.”  In the article subheading it reads, “Scientists can now link ‘acts of God’ to climate change. That could give victims the power to hold someone accountable, say lawyers.”  Reading further, it is stated that “climate science” has already been used in the courts and examples of such were cited.
This is not the first time that such proposals were made to deal with climate change deniers.  However, these measures are directed at those who only disbelieve in climate change, which is a flagrant denial of liberty of conscience; but what about those who refuse to accept the solutions and measures put in place to combat climate
change; what will be their fate?
 First of all the primary solution given from the principal champion of climate change, Pope Francis, must be considered. The  Pope has not a few times attributed climate change to human activity, stating that it is a moral issue necessitating “moral solutions,” chief of which is enforced Sunday observance. His plan is laid out in black and white in his environmental encyclical, Laudato Si. Pope Francis could not remain silent after the back-to-back hurricanes in September wrought inestimable destruction, stating that “climate change deniers are ‘stupid;’”  and that  Harvey and Irma are reminders that “‘We will go down’ if measures aren’t taken to address climate change.” Note that it is the weather channel that brought forward this report sending a strong message to its viewers that they should heed the Pope’s message.
Those who therefore deny not only the science (falsely so called) of climate change, but also refuse to accept the solutions to combat it, namely, mandatory Sunday observance, will not only incur the penalties of fines and imprisonment, but even worse, torture and death. “As the movement for Sunday enforcement becomes more bold and decided, the law will be invoked against commandment keepers. They will be threatened with fines and imprisonment, and some will be offered positions of influence, and other rewards and advantages, as inducements to renounce their faith.”  (The Great Controversy p.607 E.G.W.) Thankfully, God will have a people that remain faithful to His Commandments be the consequence what they may and refuse the erroneous commandments of men.  May God help us to be among that number!"
I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:
Galatians 1:6

Montreal Crusade Sermon SERIES by David Gates

 Montreal Crusade Sermon SERIES
(by David Gates)
Thou therefore endure hardness,
as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.
2 Timothy 2:3

Restoring The Years
Military Intelligence
How to Hold A Conversation With God?
& What Is Christian Music?
Secrets of Spiritual Conquest
Special Forces

Creation Moment 9/25/2017 - Nye's Nonsense

I have seen the foolish taking root:
Job 5:3

"Nye's 2 minute video (1.5 million views by February, 2017), goes through the evolution story...

Nye states, "Molecules just happen.  ...Somehow, probably with energy from the sun, these molecules hooked together and accidentally found ways to reproduce themselves the same way crystals
reproduce themselves." 

This is how Nye explains how non-living chemicals self assembled into a living cell.  Those who defend the evolution story often use things observed to be true (molecules do self assemble to make crystals) as the evidence for things that seem impossible based on science (how non-living chemicals could self assemble into life).  Randomly making and then accumulating in one place all the extremely complex non-living chemicals needed for life (amino acids, proteins, lipids, DNA and RNA, carbohydrates, etc.) in the required quantities of thousands upon thousands, is a large chain of impossibilities no matter how much time passes.  Even if you have these non-living chemicals all in one place, no one knows how to make them into a living cell

Nye continues, "These self-replicating molecules could not make perfect copies of themselves, and the imperfections that helped them make more copies stayed there, kept getting reproduced and reproduced and reproduced, and pretty soon you had a complicated things like bacteria."

    This is how Nye explains single celled creatures evolving into humans.  The Biblical "kind" of animal is not the same as the modern term "species."  There are many species in most kinds.  Each kind of animal can develop large variations due to natural selection.  No new kinds of animals ever develop, but some kinds, like the dinosaurs, have gone extinct.  Again, those who defend the evolution story often use things observed to be true (natural selection does produce new species, such as new cat species) as the evidence for things that seem impossible based on science (how new kinds of animals come to be, such as the dog kind).  New kinds of creatures have NEVER been observed.  Even the fossil record shows distinct kinds with at most a handful of very questionable transitional kinds. 

Nye continues, "The key to this is time, time, time." 

    Nye and other evolutionists assume that given enough time, ANYTHING can happen.  This is nonsense.  Impossible things NEVER happen, even with infinite time and infinite universes (some evolutionists propose an infinite number of universes, and we are in the lucky universe where intelligent life evolved)." 
 LSI president Mark Bergemann

Saturday, September 23, 2017

SCAM ALERT - Steven Brooks


"Christian" Mystic Sid Roth interviewed Steven Brooks, who claims he went to heaven and met Joseph of Cupertino who took him on a tour flying then he met one of the 24 elders who told him that he wasn't getting enough sleep......REALLY?

So now Sid Roth & his guests are mixing charismatic Protestantism with Catholic mystics?
Who is Joseph of Cupertino?
"Joseph of Cupertino, (June 17, 1603 – September 18, 1663) was an Italian Conventual Franciscan friar who is a Christian mystic and saint. He was said to have been remarkably unclever, but prone to miraculous levitation and intense ecstatic visions that left him gaping.... It was claimed that he began to levitate while participating at the Mass or joining the community for the Divine Office, thereby gaining a widespread reputation of holiness among the people of the region and beyond.

The life of this saint was marked by ecstasies and Mass he is said to have frequently floated in the air in rapture. Once as Christmas carols were being sung, he soared to the high altar and knelt in the air, in ecstatic prayer. The people flocked to him in droves seeking help and advice in the confessional, " Wikipedia/CatholicOnline

Also, Mr. Brooks promoted his DVD set which includes info on how to transform your mind to pray and comes with a Manifesting Your Healing Card to help with healing your eyes, ears, lungs, sleep disorders, mental illness, etc....ALL FOR ONLY $39!!!....

Besides the above NONSENSE that he is peddling, he also claims that those watching him on TV, if they begin smelling Frankincense while watching him, would be healed if they have HIV....

This is Unbelievable that people believe this stuff.....

In their greed they will make up
                                           clever lies to get hold of your money.
 But God condemned them long ago,
2 Peter 2:1,3

SDA Issues - Job 1 Lesson for us

Thy sons and thy daughters were eating and drinking wine in their eldest brother's house:
And, behold, there came a great wind from the wilderness, and smote the four corners of the house, and it fell upon the young men, and they are dead;
Job 1:18,19

* What does the eldest brother's House represent? - God's Church
* What does Wine represent in Prophecy? - False Doctrine
* What does a Storm represent? - Trouble

Look at what is happening in the Church today--from those who promote spiritual formation and the contemplative prayer nonsense movement as well as the rebellion of the self proclaimed "progressives" bringing in the wine from Babylon....

"The enemy of souls has sought to bring in the supposition that a

Heresy of modern Gnosticism in the book
by former Walla Walla President Jon Dybdahl
sold in our book stores
great reformation was to take place among Seventh-day Adventists, and that this reformation would consist in giving up the doctrines which stand as the pillars of our faith, and engaging in a process of reorganization
. Were this reformation to take place, what would result? The principles of truth that God in His wisdom has given to the remnant church, would be discarded. Our religion would be changed. The fundamental principles that have sustained the work for the last fifty years would be accounted as error. A new organization would be established. Books of a new order would be written. A system of intellectual philosophy would be introduced.

The Sabbath of course, would be lightly regarded, as also 
New-ageish nonsense of Bryan
the God who created it. Nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of the new movement. The leaders would teach that virtue is better than vice, but God being removed, they would place their dependence on human power, which, without God, is worthless. Their foundation would be built on the sand, and storm and tempest would sweep away the structure."

Selected Messages Book 1, p.204,205 E.G.W.

Operation Iceberg Symposium: Emerging Church Danger

Operation Iceberg Symposium: Emerging Church Danger
For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God:
and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?
1 Peter 4:17
The Emerging Church Controversy within Adventism  
Steve Wohlberg
 A Church in Change?  
Janet Neumann
The Power of the Everlasting Gospel
Dr. Allen Davis
 Adventism's Emergence
Alexa Hernandez
When All Else Fails
David Fielder
The New Pagan Revival
Advindicate President, Gerry Wagoner
Discussion Panel
Moderated by Pastor Mike Thompson

SDA History: Kellogg's Heresy

Alpha of the Apostasy: Kellogg's Pantheism
Omega of the Apostasy: Today's Spiritual Formation entering our ranks?

"Pantheism is any religious belief or philosophical doctrine that identifies God with the universe. Simply put: in true pantheism, God is nature.


The Living Temple (Kellogg)
Pages 28-29
God is the explanation of nature,—not a God outside of nature, but in nature, manifesting himself through and in all the objects, movements, and varied phenomena of the universe.
      Said an objector, "God made the tree, it is true, just as a shoemaker makes a boot; but the shoemaker is not in the boot; so God made the tree, but he is not in the tree." The objector overlooked the fact that the process of tree-making in the living tree, is never complete so long as the tree is alive. The tree does not create itself; a creative power is constantly going forward in it....a divine architect who understands every law of proportion, an infinite artist who possesses a limitless power of expression in color and form; there is, in all the world about us, an infinite, divine, though invisible Presence, to which the unenlightened may be blind, but which is ever declaring itself by its ceaseless, beneficent activity.

"Be not deceived; many will depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. We have now before us the alpha of this danger. The omega will be of a most startling nature." Selected Messages Book 1, p. 197 E.G.W.
"Living Temple contains the alpha of these theories. I knew that the omega would follow in a little while; and I trembled for our people." Selected Messages Book 1, p. 203 E.G.W.."
Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit,...
Colossians 2:8

SDA History: Lewis Root of Kellogg Heresy

"John Harvey Kellogg--Physician, Author, Director of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, the first of many more Adventist health institutions, hospitals, and medical centers around the world, Kellogg was a major force within the Advent Movement. In 1879 he married 26 year old Ella Ervilla Eaton, a Seventh-day Baptist who was attending her church’s Alfred University in New York and from which she graduated in 1885.

It was that year she invited her Pastor, teacher, and editor of The Sabbath Recorder, Abram Herbert Lewis to her home. 
 Lewis admitted that in his younger years he had been “under [a spiritualist physician’s] influence” and “became a medium after the rude manner of those times.” Because of this, he confessed, “my faith in the Bible and in orthodox Christianity was much shaken.” Thus “his standpoint on some questions was somewhat changed.”

     Kellogg’s exposure to Lewis through his wife was also changing. Ellen White, far away in Australia, wrote to John Harvey, “Dr. Kellogg, it is not safe for us to employ as instructors in our institutions those who are not believers in the present truth. They advance ideas and theories that take hold of the mind with a bewitching power...” Letter 18, 1892. She already had concerns shortly after his marriage.
     “Before my husband's death (in 1881), Dr. Kellogg came to my room to tell me that he had great light.“He sat down and told me what it was. I said, ‘Those theories are wrong. I have met them before.’”
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
1 Peter 5:8

SDA History: Kellogg Controversy- Key Players Interact

"Kellogg first introduced pantheism publicly in 1897 in a series of talks at the ministerial institute that preceded the General Conference session held in the College
View church at Lincoln, Nebraska.
He drew heavily upon Ellen White in laying out his position that God works through nature and in nature. His next presentation carried the title “God in Man.” Under this title he gave several talks in which he set forth clearly the pantheistic philosophy he held:

"Gravitation acts instantaneously throughout all space. By this mysterious force of gravitation the whole universe is held together in a bond of unity.... We have here the evidence of a universal presence, an intelligent presence, an all-wise presence, an all-powerful presence, a presence by the aid of which every atom of the universe is kept in touch with every other atom. This force that holds all things together, that is everywhere present, that thrills throughout the whole universe, that acts instantaneously through boundless space, can be nothing else than God Himself. What a wonderful thought that this same God is in us and in everything."

Pantheistic views became popular and were taught in Battle Creek College. They were taught in the sanitarium, and were defended by some physicians and some ministers.
Ministers and physicians who had a high regard for Dr. Kellogg began to imbibe his philosophy and to develop it in their own work, not sensing the point to which it would lead. One such was E. J. Waggoner, who was also a physician. He was at one time editor of the Signs of the Times and the man who, with A. T. Jones, was used mightily of God at the General Conference session
in 1888 to focus attention on the message of righteousness by faith.
At the General Conference session of 1899, held at South Lancaster, Massachusetts, Waggoner was a delegate from England, where he was engaged in editorial work. In a discussion of health and temperance, he was asked to make a presentation of some things he had been giving to the Battle Creek Sanitarium family. He opened with the rather bold statement:
"I thank God, brethren, that the Lord has taught me something in the last few months, and enabled me to teach something of how to live forever."

W. A. Spicer, who was serving with Elder Daniells in the General Conference as the newly appointed secretary of the Foreign Mission Board, had spent years of service in India. He was astonished at this teaching that was being proclaimed around Battle Creek. He recognized it as pantheism, which is the basis of Hinduism. He asked himself, “Could it be that the philosophies of heathenism are being taught by leading men in the Seventh-day Adventist Church?”
During the General Conference session held in Oakland in 1903, Ellen White spent most of the time in an agony of soul as she watched the crisis developing over the threat of pantheism, and Dr. Kellogg determinedly pushing ahead to override all contrary views. 
 She wrote frequent letters to Dr. Kellogg urging him to rethink his position.”You are not definitely clear on the personality of God, which is everything to us as a people”.
Again on April 5, while at the session, she wrote to the doctor:
"The specious, scheming representations of God in nature carry their charming, soothing influence as a peace and safety pill to give to the people, in the spiritualistic views that Satan has instituted in your theories."
As Elder Daniells took up residence in Battle Creek as the leader of the church following the General Conference of 1901, he found the teachings of pantheism rampant. For years he had been more or less isolated in Australia. He was amazed to hear the talk of God in flowers, in trees, in humankind. The expression was constantly heard: The acorn falls to the ground and a tree springs up. It was argued that one must say there is a tree maker in the tree. It was declared that the Creator, whatever He might be like, was in the things that were made, and some boldly said that there is no great Being sitting on the throne in heaven, but God is in all nature.
Daniells could not accept this, because, as he declared: “I knew that the Bible says that there is a 
great Supreme Being who had created all things. So I never felt in harmony with this idea
A committee of four had been appointed to give study to Kellogg's manuscript, The Living Temple, and make a report at the Autumn Council. The majority report stated:
That, we find in the book Living Temple nothing which appears to us to be contrary to the Bible or fundamental principles of the Christian religion, and that we see no reason why it may not be recommended by the Committee for circulation in the manner suggested.”
[Signed] A. T. Jones, J. H. Kellogg, David Paulson
The minority report, written by W. W. Prescott, read:
I am compelled to say that I regard the matter, outside those portions of the book which deal with physiology and hygiene, as leading to harm rather than good; and I venture to express the hope that it will never be published
The General Conference Committee accepted the minority report. In the discussion that followed, according to the minutes, the author requested the privilege of withdrawing the book from 
consideration. But, according to Elder Daniells, it was not long before Kellogg jumped to his feet and demanded an open hearing so that everybody from the sanitarium and Review and Herald could hear both sides of the matter. He argued that it should not be confined to a small meeting of the General Conference brethren. So it was decided to hold such a meeting in the Review and Herald chapel. Daniells expected that only a relatively few people from the Review and Herald would be able to get off work to attend, although the chapel would hold a big crowd. However, when they met at 8:30 in the morning, the room was packed to the anteroom and down the stairs. The meetings lasted until noon.
Elder Daniells reviewed the history of the church's medical work, the steps being taken to bring the finances into line, and the pantheistic teachings in the galleys of The Living Temple. In the afternoon Dr. Kellogg presented his side of the story. Elder Daniells felt that he faced a real crisis in this situation and spent much of the night in study and prayer. The next morning as the Autumn Council attempted to proceed with business, Dr. Kellogg was present with a big pile of books. He asked for a point of privilege that he might present the fact that “from the first, Elder James White, George I. Butler, and all ... leaders have been absolutely opposed to this medical department of the denomination”.
The brethren listened for a while. Finally one of the men stood and asked:
Mr. Chairman. I rise to a point of order. I cannot sit here in this committee and listen to these harsh terms that Dr. Kellogg is using against our venerable founder and leader [James White]. I wish the chairman to call him down”.
The chairman accepted the proposition and declared, “I will say to Dr. Kellogg, ‘We do not wish any more of this. You will please terminate your subject’”.
Dr. Kellogg placed a personal order with the Review to print The Living Temple. About a month later 
the Review and Herald burned, and the plates for the book, which stood ready for the press, were destroyed by the fire.
Instead he sent the manuscript to a commercial printer in Battle Creek. Three thousand copies of the book were printed and began to make their way among Seventh-day Adventists.
When the book came from the press, discerning readers clearly saw that certain chapters were literally peppered with pantheistic teachings. Those in sympathy with the new philosophy held that this understanding of God would lead to holy living and to a deeper religious experience. As Seventh-day Adventist workers met, the conversation inevitably turned to the “new light” set forth in The Living Temple.
Eventually, in the summer of 1903, a copy of The Living Temple arrived at Elmshaven. Ellen White did not look at it. This was not unusual, for often in a crisis she refrained from reading materials that had a bearing on the situation, lest it be said she was influenced by what she had read. On the basis of the light she received from the Lord, however, from time to time she mentioned the book.

Finally, as the crisis developed, Willie suggested to her that perhaps she should read some of the passages. So on September 23 he sat down by her side and went over some of the statements dealing with theological matters. This put her in a better position to speak more specifically in regard to the book.
Dr. Paulson, who was strongly supportive of Dr. Kellogg, joined Daniells. As the two walked along they continued with a discussion of the day. Reaching the home where Daniells was staying, they stood under a lamppost and chatted for a time. Finally Dr. Paulson shook his finger at Daniells and declared:
You are making the mistake of your life. After all this turmoil, some of these days you will wake up to find yourself rolled in the dust, and another will be leading the forces”.
Elder Daniells replied firmly:
I do not believe your prophecy. At any rate, I would rather be rolled in the dust doing what I believe in my soul to be right than to walk with princes, doing what my conscience tells me is wrong”.
Elder Daniells, ....Ellen White wrote to him explaining why she had sent the messages just when she did:
"Shortly before I sent the testimonies that you said arrived just in time, I had read an incident about a ship in a fog meeting an iceberg. For several nights I slept but little. I seemed to be bowed down as a cart beneath sheaves. One night a scene was clearly presented before me. A vessel was upon the waters, in a heavy fog. Suddenly the lookout cried, Iceberg just ahead!” There, towering high above the ship, was a gigantic iceberg. An authoritative voice cried out,Meet it!” There
Living Temple by Kellogg
was not a moment's hesitation. It was a time for instant action. The engineer put on full steam, and the man at the wheel steered the ship straight into the iceberg. With a crash she struck the ice. There was a fearful shock, and the iceberg broke into many pieces, falling with a noise like thunder upon the deck. The passengers were violently shaken by the force of the collision, but no lives were lost. The vessel was injured, but not beyond repair. She rebounded from the contact, trembling from stem to stern, like a living creature. Then she moved forward on her way.
Well I knew the meaning of this representation. I had my orders. I had heard the words, like a living voice from our Captain, “Meet it!” I knew what my duty was, and that there was not a moment to lose."
Writing on October 2 to Dr. E. J. Waggoner, she said:
"I am authorized to say to you that some of the sentiments regarding the personality of God, as found in the book Living Temple, are opposed to the truths revealed in the Word of God.... Had God desired to be represented as dwelling personally in the things of nature—in the flower, the tree, the spear of grass—would not Christ have spoken of this to His disciples?"
From Ellen White: Woman of Vision 
...there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them,...
2 Peter 2:1

SDA History: Kellogg on E.G.W.

"A letter that has survived from Dr. John Harvey Kellogg in response to a query from Edward S. Ballenger about why he left the Seventh-day Adventist Church. While Kellogg was caught up in a controversy at the turn of the century, and did in fact leave the
denomination, he appears to have made peace with Adventism by the end of his life. In fact, he appears to be somewhat apprehensive to Ballenger because of his publishing vendetta against Adventism: “I have never thought it any part of my duty to show up people’s faults, for we are all faulty enough, and I am writing this to you simply for your information personally and not for publication.”
He continued with following advice:
Mrs. White was unquestionably an inspired woman. In spite of this fact, she was human and made many mistakes and probably
suffered more from those mistakes than any person ever did. Nevertheless, I knew the woman was sincere and honest and that the influence of her life was immensely helpful to a vast multitude of people, and I have not the slightest desire in any way to weaken in the smallest degree the good influence of her life and work, and consequently I cannot lend any influence to help your work because I do not approve of it as being worthwhile when there is so much that needs to be done to help men and women who are sitting in darkness and longing for light. . . .
Your friend and Brother, J. H. Kellogg.”
[J. H. Kellogg to Edward S. Ballenger, May 23, 1941, as quoted in J. R. Nix, “Kellogg’s Counsel to Church Critics,” Adventist Review May 25, 1995, pg. 14-15] AdventistHistory
Return, O LORD, how long?
Psalm 90:13

73rd Psalm Breakdown Series: 7

Their eyes stand out with fatness: they have more than heart could wish.
Psalm 73:7

"Verse 7. Their eyes stand out with fatness. The face is here the index of the man: the man has more than suffices him; he is glutted and surfeited with wealth, and yet is one of the wicked whom
God abhorreth.

They have more than heart could wish. Their wishes are gratified, and more; their very greediness is exceeded; they call for water, and the world gives them milk; they ask for hundreds, and thousands are lavished at their feet.
The heart is beyond measure gluttonous, and yet in the case of certain ungodly millionaires, who have rivalled Sardanapalus both in lust and luxury, it has seemed as if their wishes were exceeded, and their meat surpassed their appetite."
Charles Spurgeon

Creation Moment 9/24/2017 - Müller's Moment of Honesty

Come ye near unto me, hear ye this;
I have not spoken in secret from the beginning;
Isaiah 48:16
"In a recent scientific presentation and subsequent journal article, a well-known evolutionary biologist noted that a “rising number of publications” believe that the standard theory of evolution might need to be revised or even replaced because it has shortcomings and has failed to account for recent trends in evolutionary biology.

Gerd B. Müller is a biologist and professor at the University of Vienna in Austria who is considered an expert in the field of evolutionary biology. In a journal article published by Royal Society
Publishing, while by no means dismissing his evolutionary beliefs, Müller posited that the standard theory of evolution needs to be rethought and adjusted to accommodate for modern scientific discoveries as there are “a growing number of challenges to the classical model of evolution.”

Müller explained, a “rising number of publications” are calling for “a major revision or even a replacement of the standard theory of evolution.” He said this “cannot be dismissed as a minority view but rather is a widespread feeling among scientists and philosophers alike.”

According to Müller, recent scientific discoveries are not all compatible with the classical theory of evolution.
To the contrary, the discrepancies between the current usage of evolutionary concepts and the predictions derived from the classical model have grown.” CN

Friday, September 22, 2017

J.N . Andrews & 7 Reasons of Sundaykeepers SERIES Page

73rd Psalm Breakdown Series: 6

Therefore pride compasseth them about as a chain;
violence covereth them as a garment.
Psalm 73:6

"Verse 6. Therefore pride compasseth them about as a chain. They are... great in their own esteem ... they want no other ornament than their own pomposity.

No jeweller could sufficiently adorn them; they wear their own pride as a better ornament than a gold chain.

Violence covereth them as a garment. In their boastful arrogance they array themselves; they wear the livery of the devil, and are fond of it. As soon as you see them, you perceive that room must be made for them, for, regardless of the feelings and rights of others, they intend to have their way, and achieve their own ends. They brag and bully, bluster and browbeat, as if they had taken out license to ride roughshod over all mankind."
Charles Spurgeon

Fleur de lis (interesting)

"Fleur de lis is French for “flower of the lily” or simply “lily flower.”

 Not only does the fleur-de-lis pre-date the establishment of France, it goes back about far as you can go, to the first region permanently settled after the Flood: Sumer, in Mesopotamia.

*The fleur-de-lis symbol appears very early in Sumerian art; a Sumerian clay tablet portrays the fertility goddess Inanna (also known as Ishtar) flanked by two winged deities who are each crowned with the fleur-de-lis.

*The Babylonian fish god Dagon is often depicted wearing helmet-like headgear with the fleur-de-lis on the top. (The priests of Dagon wore fish-head headgear that, over the centuries, evolved into the Mitre that bishops and popes still wear today.)

*It can be found carved into Carthaginian breastplate armor, where it seems to grow out of the head of the god Baal-Hammon. (A Phoenician colony, Carthage had a religion that included child sacrifice, much like what prevailed in Canaan at the time of the Israelite conquest.)

*The Fleur-de-lis is also seen in pagan India; it appears on the crown of a Hindu deity, and on the
doorway (next to two ferocious dragons) of the 16th-century Padmanabhaswamy Temple, located in Thiruvananthapuram, India.

*The symbol can be found in the statuary of the Maya; in both India and Pre-Columbian Meso-America, the Fleur-de-lis is often upside down.

*The Fleur-de-lis is found in Buddhism, for example in carvings of the “footprints of Buddha.”

*In numismatics, we find the fleur-de-lis on Greek and Roman coins.

*Since the high middle ages, the fleur-de-lis has come to be associated with Mary and Marian worship. Images of Mary holding the flower appear in the 11th Century.

According to Catholic authorities, the fleur-de-lis is secondarily a symbol of the Trinity, and primarily a symbol of purity, befitting its close association with Mary, whom they believe (1) was conceived without taint of original sin, (2) was personally sinless and perpetually a virgin, and (3) is now reigning as the Queen of Heaven.

But how likely is this purported symbolism, given that the fleur-de-lis originated in the pagan sun worship and fertility religions of the ancient world? Given its association with the original Queens of HeavenIsis, Inanna, Astarte, Asherah, Anat, Hera—isn't it more probable that the fleur-de-lis symbolizes an aspect of fertility religion, to wit, the sexual joining of male and female?

We should note that Judah fell into the worship of the Queen of Heaven during the days of the prophet Jeremiah. (Jer. 7:18) Actually that's not quite correct; by Jeremiah's time the people had so long honored the Queen of Heaven—as had their ancestors, their kings and their officials—that this detestable practice had acquired the legitimacy of tradition (Jer. 44:15-28), which argues that false worship, syncretism, and even questionable symbolism, should be nipped in the bud. Before the conquest of Canaan, Israel had been strictly warned to destroy all Asherah poles (Ex. 34:13; Deut. 7:5; 12:3), and yet they intermittently fell into this degrading form of idolatry. (Judges 3:7; 6:25-32; 2 Kings 21:3,7)

Scripture tells us that the good kings would destroy the idols and tear down the altars to Baal and the Asherah poles sacred to the Queen of Heaven, but usually even the good kings did not destroy the
high places” (1 Kings 15:9-15; 22:41-43; 2 Kings 12:1-3; 14:1-4; 15:1-4, 32-35 [Hezekiah, who did destroy the high places, being the lone exception: 2 Kings 18:1-5]).
Why did even the good kings fail to remove the high places? I believe it was because they did not know that the worship taking place there was wrong. The people were worshiping Yahweh, but they were worshiping Him in places and according to forms that had been dedicated to idolatry. In so doing, they were bringing God down to the level of an idol, and flirting with the licentiousness of the fertility cult with which the place and the forms were associated. Their syncretistic worship was corrupt and and unacceptable to the Lord. These Old Testament histories are written for our admonition and warning. (Rom. 15:4; 1 Cor. 10:11)

It could be argued that most people have no idea of the history of the fleur-de-lis, and see it only as an aesthetically pleasing decorative element; if they do not know of anything wrong with it, then for them there is nothing wrong with it. But Israel was apparently in the same situation with regard to the high places; most saw nothing wrong with what they were doing. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” (Prov. 14:12) God is very particular about sacred worship (Lev. 10:1-3; Num. 16), and about symbolism. (Gen. 4:2-7; Num. 20:6-12) Of the syncretism innocently practiced by the Samaritan woman, Jesus said, “Ye worship ye know not what. We know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews” (John 4:22) and “God is spirit and those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.” (v. 24) Truth matters. True worshipers must learn the truth and follow it.

Even if someone is absolutely convinced that there is nothing
wrong with the fleur-de-lis, Paul's counsel in 1 Corinthians 8 is relevant. Paul says that idols are nothing, and hence he personally has no qualms about eating food offered to idols. But other Christians believe they are defiled by consuming such offerings, so, to protect their consciences, he will not eat meat offered to idols. The same principle applies here. You may see nothing wrong with the fleur-de-lis, but others are aware of its dark history and are scandalized when they see it in a Seventh-day Adventist sanctuary. For their sakes, do not insist on putting it in the sanctuary, where in any case it has no real need to be."