And the Spirit & the bride say, come.... Reveaaltion 22:17

And the Spirit & the bride say, come.... Reveaaltion 22:17
And the Spirit & the bride say, come...Revelation 22:17 - May We One Day Bow Down In The DUST At HIS FEET ...... {click on blog TITLE at top to refresh page}

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

ACTS OF THE APOSTLES: Audio & Pull Quotes- Chapter 57

The Revelation


In the Revelation are portrayed the deep things of God. The very name given to its inspired pages, "the Revelation," contradicts the statement that this is a sealed book. A revelation is something revealed. The Lord Himself revealed to His servant the mysteries contained
in this book, and He designs that they shall be open to the study of all. In the Revelation all the books of the Bible meet and end. Here is the complement of the book of Daniel. One is a prophecy; the other a revelation. The book that was sealed is not the Revelation, but that portion of the prophecy of Daniel relating to the last days. The angel commanded, But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end. Daniel 12:4.

In exiling John, the enemies of truth had hoped to silence forever the voice of God's faithful witness; but on Patmos the disciple received a message, the influence of which was to continue to strengthen the church till the end of time. Though not released from the responsibility of their wrong act, those who banished John became instruments in the hands of God to carry out Heaven's purpose; In comparison with the millions of the world, God's people will be, as they have ever been, a little flock;

It was on the Sabbath that the Lord of glory appeared to the exiled apostle. He claimed as his own the precious promises that had been given regarding that day. I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day...
 Revelation 1:10

The Excellent Woman of Proverbs 31 Series: vs.16

*From The Excellent Woman of Proverbs 31 written in 1847 by Anne Pratt (1806-1893)

Proverbs 31:16

In observing the various employments of the Hebrew woman, we cannot fail to remark the great and entire confidence which must have been placed in her by her husband. That he should leave to her care the management of her house and servants, and in great measure the training of her children, seems, at all times, natural, and in the state of society we are considering, peculiarly so; but we should scarcely expect to find a Jewish female left so entirely to her own judgment in matters of business. It was probably, however, not unusual at this time. Abigail, the wife of Nabal, seems to
have had an entire command over the family property, when she hesitated not to take two hundred loaves, and two bottles of wine, and five sheep ready dressed, and fruits and other valuable articles of food, and give them to David.

It is not possible for the reader of Scripture to have passed unnoticed the various allusions to the culture of the grape by the Hebrews. The great care which they bestowed on their vineyards, in selecting an appropriate spot of land for their growth, as well as in training the vine, is very apparent from the records of holy writ.

It is thought by most writers, that the autumnal feast of Tabernacles, held by the Jews, had especial reference to the ingathering of the vineyard. "When ye have gathered in the fruit of the land, ye shall keep a feast unto the Lord seven days" (Lev 23:39), were the words which enjoined this festival.

Frequent and beautiful as are the poetic figures of the Old and New Testament, yet no object of nature furnished so great a variety of allusions as did the vine.

Papal Notes - Them Gifts... Beware (seriously)

"Francis smiled faintly as he greeted Trump outside the study and
was not as outgoing as he sometimes is with visiting heads of state. Trump, seeming subdued, said "it is a great honor".
Even when the two were sitting at the pope's desk in the presence of photographers and reporters, the pope avoided the small talk that usually occurs before the media is ushered out.
Francis then gave the president a small sculptured olive tree and told him through the interpreter that it symbolized peace.
"It is my desire that you become an olive tree to construct peace," the Pope said, speaking in Spanish.

Trump responded: "We can use peace."
Francis also gave Trump a signed copy of his 2017 peace message whose title is "Nonviolence - A Style of Politics for Peace," and a copy of his 2015 encyclical letter on the need to protect the environment from the effects of climate change.
                                 "Well, I'll be reading them," Trump said." Reuters
......and all the world wondered after the beast.
Revelation 13:3

Laws of the Land vs. Higher Law

For the LORD God of Israel says
That He hates divorce,...

Malachi 2:16 NKJV
"A woman may be legally divorced from her husband by the laws of the land, and yet not divorced in the sight of God and according to the higher law. There is only one sin, which is adultery, which can place the husband or wife in a position where they can be free from the marriage vow in the sight of God."
Manuscript Releases vol.1, p.159 E.G.W.

Creation Moment 5/25/2017 - Evolutionists afraid of being challenged in a high school classroom

"An article was printed in a May 12, 2017 issue of Scientific American, titled “Revamped ‘Anti-Science’ Education Bills in U.S. Find Success: Legislation urges educators to ‘teach the controversy’ and allows citizens to challenge curricula.”  The article attempted to argue against bills designed to
protect the academic freedom of teachers.

The article reviewed the various State and local legislatures attempts to deal with censorship problems in public schools. So far two states have approved legislation this year allowing “teachers to embrace ‘academic freedom’ and present the full spectrum of views on evolution and climate change.” Called academic freedom bills, so far three have become law in the past: in Mississippi in 2006, Louisiana in 2008 and Tennessee in 2012. At least eleven similar bills have been proposed this year in the United States.

One, the Florida legislation, is much broader. It enables residents to file complaints about the curriculum against the schools in their district. The complaint could lead to a public hearing to determine if the material at issue is “accurate, balanced, non-inflammatory, current … and suited to students’ needs.” Obviously, these categories are all somewhat vague, but at least will trigger some discussion and needed parental involvement in the government schools.

The NCSE, Florida teachers’ organizations and some local school boards have requested that Governor Rick Scott veto the bill.  The bill’s opponents admit that a veto doesn’t seem likely, given Scott’s beliefs. Branch calls this bill, which is designed to stop censorship of evidence against Darwinism, the “back-door approach to altering science education by means of broader academic censorship.” How it will cause censorship, he does not say. Branch opines that these bills now seem more likely to pass this year “due to renewed anti-evolution and anti-climate change sentiment; confidence that a country led by U.S. President Donald Trump …. is more hospitable to such views.”
 I have somewhat to say unto thee.
2 Kings 2:14

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

ACTS OF THE APOSTLES: Audio & Pull Quotes- Chapter 56



Patmos, a barren, rocky island in the Aegean Sea, had been chosen by the Roman government as a place of banishment for criminals; but to the servant of God this gloomy abode became the gate of heaven.

All around him the apostle beheld witnesses to the Flood that had deluged the earth because the inhabitants ventured to transgress the law of God. The rocks thrown up from the great deep and from the earth by the breaking forth of the waters, brought vividly to his mind the terrors of that awful outpouring of God's wrath. In the voice of many waters--deep calling unto deep--the prophet heard the voice of the Creator. The sea, lashed to fury by the merciless winds, represented to him the wrath of an offended God. The mighty waves, in their terrible commotion, restrained within limits appointed by an invisible hand, spoke of the control of an infinite Power. And in contrast he realized the weakness and folly of mortals, who, though but worms of the dust, glory in their supposed wisdom and strength, and set their hearts against the Ruler of the universe, as if God were altogether such a one as themselves. By the rocks he was reminded of Christ, the Rock of his strength, in whose shelter he could hide without fear.

David, the chosen messenger of God, was hunted like a beast of prey by his enemies. Daniel was cast into a den of lions because he was true to his allegiance to heaven. Job was deprived of his worldly possessions, and so afflicted in body that he was abhorred by his relatives, and friends; yet he maintained his integrity. Jeremiah could not be deterred from speaking the words that God had given him to speak; and his testimony so enraged the king and princes that he was cast into a loathsome pit. Stephen was stoned because he preached Christ and Him crucified. Paul was imprisoned, beaten with rods, stoned, and finally put to death because he was a faithful messenger for God to the Gentiles. And John was banished to the Isle of Patmos for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life; . . . that which we have seen and heard declare we unto you. 1 John 1:1-3

The Excellent Woman of Proverbs 31 Series: vs.15

*From The Excellent Woman of Proverbs 31 written in 1847 by Anne Pratt (1806-1893)

Proverbs 31:15

The stability and comfort of the household are, indeed, so dependent on the domestic arrangements of her who presides; punctuality and order in the wife are so necessary for the preservation of the property which may have been acquired, that the truth of the old Irish saying, "A man must ask his wife's leave to be rich," is very apparent. Early risers will not often be found among those whose habits are irregular and disorderly.

We find continual reference in Scripture to the habit of beginning the business of the day at a very
early hour in the morning. Thus when Moses was sent to Pharaoh, by the Lord God of the Hebrews, and the haughty king was commanded to let the people of Israel go out from their cruel bondage, the Jewish lawgiver was commanded to rise up early in the morning, and to stand before Pharaoh as "he cometh forth to the water" (Exd 8:20). And when the vain and deceitful Absalom sought to win away the hearts of Israel from their allegiance to his father, "he rose up early and stood beside the way of the gate" (2Sa 15:2) of the city; for he well knew, that passing through its arches, he should meet those who were going out of the town to the daily labor of the fields, or find there assembled the concourse of merchants.

The ancient custom of dividing the food into separate portions, ...And when Joseph entertained his brethren who had come up to Egypt, we mark how, with the peculiar love which the man of the East feels for the brother who claims the same mother as himself, he apportioned to his beloved Benjamin a mess five times as large as that of any of his other brethren. Not but that each had a portion large enough for his refreshment, but that a stronger warmth of hospitality might mark his deeper love to him, whom his dying mother had called "the son of my sorrow."

 Many serious illnesses would take their flight before the long‐continued and diligent practice of an early morning walk; Time is given us for duty, for the preparation for a future state, for the good of others; and every fragment of it should be gathered up, that nothing of so precious a gift may be lost. It should become a subject of deep and frequent thought to every woman, and especially to every Christian woman, whether her time is rightly spent.

Historcism view of the 7 Churches

"I  wish to emphasize the fact, that the churches to which John was told to send the instruction given him represent all the churches in our world, and that this revelation to him is to be studied and believed and preached by the Seventh-day Adventist Church today.

Christ came personally to John to tell him "the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter" (Revelation 1:19). And He said unto him, "What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches" (Revelation 1:11). The light was not to be hidden under a bushel. 
In the revelation that Christ gave are linked together in a chain of truth the important messages of warning that are to be given to the world before Christ's second coming. The last message of mercy is to be proclaimed where it has never yet been heard. The workers are to labor with such self-denial, such self-sacrifice, that the message will be borne to those who have not heard it."  Letter 110 E.G.W.

3 Times the Windows of Heaven....

In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.
Genesis 7:11

"Three times in the Old Testament we note the interesting phrase "the windows of heaven." It defies the concept of a deistic God,
unconcerned with affairs on the earth.

1) For example, our text shows God's act of judgment on the wicked primeval world. Once the waters had accomplished God's task, we note that the "windows of heaven were stopped" (Genesis 8:2).

2) The next occurrence of this phrase is during the time Samaria was under siege from Syria. "Then Elisha said, Hear ye the word of the LORD; Thus saith the LORD, To morrow about this time shall a measure of fine flour be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, in the gate of Samaria. Then a lord on whose hand the king leaned answered the man of God, and said, Behold, if the LORD would make windows in heaven, might this thing be?" (II Kings 7:1-2). The chapter goes on to describe how God did indeed intervene from heaven to demonstrate his power and wondrously fulfill Elisha's prophecy.

3) The final usage of this phrase is in the last book of the Old Testament. "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it" (Malachi 3:10).

Whether in judgment of sin, in demonstration of His glory, or to reward His followers, God has shown His willingness to open the windows of heaven and supernaturally intervene upon the earth." DW

The 3 Whores that Hurt God's People {Past & Future}

Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel,
which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication,
and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.
Revelation 2:20

1) Jezebel
For it was so, when Jezebel cut off the prophets of the LORD,...
1 Kings 18:4
2) Herodias
But when Herod's birthday was kept, the daughter of Herodias danced before them, and pleased Herod....And she, being before instructed of her mother, said, Give me here John Baptist's head in a charger.
Matthew 14:6,8
3) Whore of Babylon
The waters which thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.
Revelation 17:5

God Delivers His People Sermon SERIES by Joshua Maponga

God Delivers His People Sermon SERIES
(by Joshua Maponga)
And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not,
stand still,
and see the salvation of the LORD, which he will shew to you to day:
for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day,
 ye shall see them again no more for ever.
Exodus 14:13
God Trains & Graduates Moses Into A Deliverer
Let My People Go
Beware of the Pharoah In You  
The Miraculous Deliverance of Israel  

Creation Moment 5/24/2017 - Genes of Intelligence

..... for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: Psalm 139:14
"European and American scientists announced on Monday that they had identified 52 genes linked to intelligence in nearly 80,000 people.
These genes do not determine intelligence, however. Their combined influence is minuscule, the
researchers said, suggesting that thousands more are likely to be involved and still await discovery. Just as important, intelligence is profoundly shaped by the environment.
Still, the findings could make it possible to begin new experiments into the biological basis of reasoning and problem-solving, experts said. They could even help researchers determine which interventions would be most effective for children struggling to learn.
This represents an enormous success,” said Paige Harden, a psychologist at the University of Texas, who was not involved in the study.
It’s still not clear what in the brain accounts for intelligence. Neuroscientists have compared the brains of people with high and low test scores for clues, and they’ve found a few." NYT

Monday, May 22, 2017

ACTS OF THE APOSTLES: Audio & Pull Quotes- Chapter 55

Transformed by Grace


John and Judas are representatives of those who profess to be Christ's followers. Both these disciples had the same opportunities to study and follow the divine Pattern. Both were closely associated with Jesus and were privileged to listen to His teaching. Each possessed serious defects of character; and each had access to the divine grace that transforms character. But while one in humility was learning of Jesus, the other revealed that he was not a doer of the word, but a hearer only. One, daily dying to self and overcoming sin, was sanctified through the truth; the other, resisting the transforming power of grace and indulging selfish desires, was brought into bondage to Satan.

Those who would gain the blessing of sanctification must first learn the meaning of self-sacrifice. Sanctification is not the work of a moment, an hour, a day, but of a lifetime. It is not gained by a happy flight of feeling, but is the result of constantly dying to sin, and constantly living for Christ.  There will be a continual reaching out of the soul after God, a continual, earnest, heartbreaking confession of sin and humbling of the heart before Him.
*Let those who feel inclined to make a high profession of holiness look into the mirror of God's law.
*Prayer is heaven's ordained means of success in the conflict with sin and the development of Christian character.

He that saith he abideth in Him ought himself also so to walk, even as He walked.
1 John 2:6

The Excellent Woman of Proverbs 31 Series: vs.14

*From The Excellent Woman of Proverbs 31 written in 1847 by Anne Pratt (1806-1893)

Proverbs 31:14

The merchants' ships, in king Solomon's days, might, indeed, be said to bring their cargoes from afar.

The Phoenicians, who resided on the north‐west of Palestine, are known to have had a commercial settlement, called Tartessus, on the Atlantic coast of Spain, near to the modern Cadiz; and whatever may be the various opinions respecting the situation of ancient Ophir, there is little doubt that this port was the Tharshish of the Scriptures. In the imperfect state of navigation, the voyages, performed as they were in small and ill‐constructed vessels, would seem to the Israelites "afar" indeed, and attended with very considerable peril. But as food rather than other merchandise seems alluded to in the text, it is probable that the ships which brought corn from Egypt are here referred to.

The Jewish matron, whose various kinds of manufacture are so specifically named, would have much to offer in exchange either for corn or other commodities, which the merchants' ships convey. Garments, made of fine wool or of hair stuffs; gorgeous tapestry wrought by her own hands; fine linen girdles-all were suitable objects of barter; and the rich clusters of grapes which her vineyard could furnish, and the well‐dried flax from her fields, constituted a store, from which something might be well spared..... would render the barter of them a very likely and considerable source of profit, and this would enable this Jewish lady, whose intelligent and well‐devoted industry is so often commended, to procure for her family some of those enjoyments from afar, which the home produce would not supply.

Those Scales in vision

When I was a child, I spoke as a child,
I understood as a child, I thought as a child:
but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
1 Corinthians 13:11

"...the thoughts and interests of the people of God, especially the young. In one scale were the thoughts and interests tending Heavenward; in the other were the thoughts and interests tending to earth.
And in this scale were thrown all the reading of storybooks, thoughts of dress, and ...vanity, pride, etc....the angels of God, standing with scales, weighing the thoughts of His professed children,...
The scale filled with thoughts of earth,....quickly went down....rolled from the scale.
The one with the thoughts and interests tending to Heaven went quickly up as the other went down. ....the angel with the scales weighing the thoughts and interests of the people of God, said the angel: Can such enter Heaven? NO,NO, NEVER."
Testimonies for the Church Vol. 1 p.124-125 E.G.W.

Battle of the Books

Is Facebook keeping your face out of THIS BOOK?
If thou wilt not observe to do all the words of this law that are written in this book,
that thou mayest fear this glorious and fearful name,
Deuteronomy 28:58

SDA Issues - Academic "Freedom" Revolt

What spirit is behind this massive push for so-called "academic freedom" on SDA campuses? Especially now infiltrating the seminary (which needs to be defended at all costs).
Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field...
Genesis 3:1
".....But now, 8 years after La Sierra University (LSU), the
Academic Freedom storm has struck Adventist academia again.  This is where we came in.  But ground zero this time was not the Science Department but the School of Theology, the Seminary, the very heart of Adventist theology, at Andrews University.
But all such Academic revolts are sequels of the world’s first Freedom Revolt at the Garden of Eden, the first institution of higher knowledge, with the first visiting professor challenging the established paradigm, alas, successfully.  Rolling his eyes and uttering the first Socratic questions, he asked,  “Did God tell you that?  Do you not catch it?  He wants freedom for Himself, not you.  For you He wants rules, commandments!  Suppression!  Suppression of a better knowledge by which you shall be like gods!  Seriously, the scientific evidence is all against everything He told you.  And I can prove it -- on myself!”  And he did.  The megaphones and Molotov cocktails would come later.
Actually the revolt for freedom, any crazy kind, began untold eons before that, in heaven itself, with Satan the Father of all Revolts-for-Freedom using the same arguments he would use in the Garden of Eden, U.C. Berkeley, LSU, Andrews U., and Zuccotti Park." Fulcrum7

Creation Moment 5/23/2017 - Second Brain

"Often known as the 'second brain' for its vast number of neurons
and complex connectivity, the enteric nervous system has a crucial role in maintaining a healthy gut. Therefore, understanding how this neural mosaic is organised could help scientists find treatments for common gastrointestinal disorders.
"The gut wall is home to many types of nerve cells which appear to be distributed randomly," says Vassilis Pachnis, Group Leader at the Francis Crick Institute. "But despite this chaos, the neural networks of the gut are responsible for well organised and stereotypic functions such as production of stomach acid, movement of food along the gut, communication with immune cells and bacteria, and relay of information to the brain." MedicalXpress
.....God created man upon the earth... Deuteronomy 4:32